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   nAlly Robinson
Ally(left) with her mother (right)
Background Information
Gender Female
Age 14
Occupation Dancer
Hometown Yorba Linda, California
Competition Information
Season   2
Place   7th
Favored Genres
  Hip Hop
Jazz Funk
First Appearance
  Make It Count!
Episode Eliminated
  Fairytales Come to Life

Ally Song/Dance Guide
Friends and Family
Tiffany (mother)

Ally Robinson is a 14 year old dancer on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, Season 2. Ally took 7th place, in season 2.


Ally Robinson  was a talented athlete on various sports team but started her dance career when she asked her mother about taking Hip Hop classes. Ally's favorite styles of dance to perform and watch are Hip Hop and Jazz Funk. If she doesn't become a professional dancer then she would like to take a job in music and film. Ally's specialties are Jazz and Tap and she has been dancing for 5 years. She has very noticeable puffy hair that is chin length.

On Abby's Ultimate Dance CompetitionEdit

Ally made it onto AUDC's second season along with 10 other dancers. Ally's mother, Tiffany, was quickly irritated by JoJo and her mother Jessalyn and seem to be at odds now. Ally was chosen by Trinity for the Beyonce Trio  with Chloe and Trinity and stood out. Ally made it onto the next week. Ally ended in the bottom 5 after her Piano Passions duet with Kalani. Ally managed to pass even though she forgot a step. Ally won the group challenge in week 3, getting to choose all the assignments. Ally chose to be in a trio with McKaylee and Tyler in order to challenge her technically. Ally made it to the next week. Ally was then assigned a duet with JoJo called "Magic Act" and ended up in the bottom 2 with Kalani but she was spared. Ally landed in the bottom 2 with Haley but was saved once more. Ally and Gianna were paired in a duet inspired by the show "Nine" for the Broadway week. Ally's performance won the judges over and she was declared safe. In Fairy Tales Come To Life she is paired with Trinity for an Evil Stepmother duet, but unfortunately she is sent home because of her technique. 

AUDC PerformancesEdit

Make It Count!Edit

Dare to Be YouEdit

  • Pianno Passions duet (with Kalani)

Gods and MortalsEdit

Vegas Show StoppersEdit

  • Magic Act duet (with JoJo)

Anything Can HappenEdit

  • Tangled Web Duet (with McKaylee)

Broadway BackstabbersEdit

  • Eight Nine inspired Salsa-Funk Duet (with Gianna)

Fairytales Come to LifeEdit

  • Evil Stepmother Contemporary Duet (with Trinity) ((Eliminated))

Meet Abby's Newest Ultimate DancerEdit

  • The Contenders Group Dance

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