Chloe Beatty
Chloe Beatty 2014 Headshot
Gender: Female
Born: August 2, 1999
Age: 17 (13 on AUDC)
Home: Winston Salem, North Carolina
Occupation: Dancer
Affiliations: Wake Forest University
Advance Dance
The Institute of Divine Arts
Friends and Family
Parents: Angela Beatty (mother)
unnamed father
Siblings: Monet (sister)
Episode Run
Place: 10th
Debut: Make It Count!
Eliminated: Dare to Be You (call back)
Gods and Mortals
Last: Gods and Mortals

Chloe Amore Beatty is a 17-year old dancer that featured in Season 2 of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. She placed 10th.


Chloe's passion for dance was realized by her mother, who was the Director of the Association of Rhythmic Talent dance company, when Chloe was mimicking the company members at the barre. Chloe's favorite styles of dance to perform are Contemporary Ballet, Lyrical, and Jazz Funk and she likes to watch all styles of dance including Stiletto, Afro Jazz, Latin, and African. If Chloe doesn't become a professional dancer, then she plans to follow in the footsteps of Mae Jamison and pursue careers in engineering, medicine, acting, and modeling.

On Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition



To see tables for Chloe Beatty's performances and results, visit the Chloe Beatty/Performances subpage.

Results Table

Episode  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12 
Safe Call-Back



Other Information

  • Around the time of AUDC, she had been dancing for 8 years.
  • She was the first contestant to receive a call back card during the series. She was also the shortest lasting call back card, after being eliminated the following episode.

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