Cirque du Solos
Episode Number 9 (9 Overall)
Air Date December 4, 2012
Theme Circus
Skill Balance
Top Dancer(s) Asia
Bottom Dancer(s) Amanda C
Eliminated Amanda Carbajales
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Preceded by
Bend it Like Abby
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Dance for Your Life

Cirque du Solos is the ninth episode of the first season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. It aired on December 4, 2012.


With only four dancers remaining in the competition, the moms have to do whatever it takes to ensure their child makes it to the final three. This week the girls not only have to worry about perfecting their solos, but they're also doing a complicated and grueling circus inspired group dance.


Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style
All Dancers Cirque
Madison Highwire Performer
Free Fall
Asia Captive Animal
Amanda C Freakshow Contortionist
Beast of the East
Brianna Cirque Clown
Musical Theatre

Other Information

  • For the first time in the show, the winner of the group challange did not win anything that effected the assignments (ex. winning a solo, picking thier style of dance, etc.) and instead, Amanda C won two tickets to New York to see Cirque du Solei: Worlds Away.
  • This marked the first time where both Amanda C and Brianna land in the bottom two.
  • The group challenge was performed on a balance beam.
  • For the first time, a dancer who has won the group challenge gets eliminated.