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Dancing Through the Decades
Episode Number 6 (6 Overall)
Air Date November 13, 2012
Theme Journey Through the Decades
Skill Improvisation
Top Dancer(s) Madison
Bottom Dancer(s) Lexine
Eliminated Lexine Cantoria
Episode Guide
Preceded by
Followed by
Happily Never After

Dancing Through the Decades is the sixth episode of the first season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. It aired on November 13, 2012.


With only seven dancers left in the competition, the pressure is at a fever-pitch. One mom is overwhelmed as she deals with competition demands as well as personal problems. Meanwhile, one dancer struggles with confidence issues as she tackles her very first solo of the competition.


Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style
All Dancers Group Dance
Rise to the Top
Brianna 1920s Flapper
Believe in Love
Amanda C
1950s Swing
My Little Tina
1980s Pop
I Want It Now
Madison 1960s Go Go
Psychedelic Surfer
Go Go
Jordyn 1990s Hip Hop
Get Down
Hip Hop

Other Information

  • All the dancers dressed similarly to Rosie the Riveter for the group routine.
  • Asia won the improv group challenge and won the chance to pick her routine. Asia chose the pop duet and was randomly paired with Lexine.


  • During Madison's critique, Abby gave her credits for doing her turns on the box and in the dark but it was not shown during the performance.

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