n  “Fairy Tales and the Death of Innocence”
Song by
Michaela Foster Marsh
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Dance: "Cinderella solo"
“Fairy Tales and the Death of Innocence”

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Song (Youtube link)
"Fairy Tales and the Death of Innocence" is a song by Michaela Foster Marsh. It was used for Jordyn's "Cinderella" contemporary solo in Happily Never After.

Youtube link
Full Dance


Note: Lyrics contain language that could be considered explicit

Fairy tales
And make believe
You can kiss a frog
You can even love a beast

When the boy loves a girl
And the girl loves the boy

Was Fairy Godmothers
And nights to write upon
Oh, so you're life's a b*tch
But someday your prince will come along
And happy ever after
You, you can lay yourself down to sleep
'Cause little boys, they know how little girls
We have big dreams
And so the little boy he tries to
Give his Princess everything
And oh, the little girl she loves
To be sweet, innocent thing

So the prince was a fraud
And the princess wants to take a walk
Oh God, what went wrong
You know life
It just wasn't supposed to be
Like this

I wore a white dress
And I carried petals to the Prince's throne
I did not, I could not have known
My bouquet would carry a thorn
But that's only when a little girl dies
By the sting of the thorn
Does death of innocence make her
The woman she thought she was

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