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   nHaley Huelsman
Haley (left) with her mother (right)
Background Information
Gender Female
Age 12 (11 on AUDC)
Occupation Dancer
Hometown Madison, Connecticut
Competition Information
Season   2
Place   9th
Favored Genres
  Musical Theatre
First Appearance
  Make It Count!
Last Appearance
  Meet Abby's Newest Ultimate Dancer
Episode Eliminated
  Anything Can Happen

Haley Song/Dance Guide
Friends and Family
Melanie (mother)

Haley Amelia Huelsman is an 12 year old dancer on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, Season 2. Haley was 9th in Season 2.


Melanie, Haley's mother who has a strong dance background, knew as soon as she saw her daughter pointing her feet as a baby that she would be a dancer. Haley loves to watch any style of dance but her favorite style of dance to perform is Musical Theatre. If she doesn't become a professional dancer, then she would like to be a dance teacher. Haley's specialties are Jazz and Musical Theatre and she has been dancing for 10 years.

On Abby's Ultimate Dance CompetitionEdit

Haley is a very shy girl, but made it to Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition as one of 11 dancers trying to get the top prizes. Haley was placed in the Michael Jackson trio with Tyler and Sarina first and while she started strong with confidence, after a close call on a trick she lost it. Haley landed in the bottom two but her fellow trio partner Sarina was eliminated instead. Haley ended up in the bottom 2 once again after her Bleeding Heart trio with Chloe and McKaylee. Haley was spared and impressed the judges with her feet. Haley for the first time was considered safe. Haley impressed again dancing on high heels with Gianna with the Vegas week and made it forward. Despite her mother's attempts to get Tina to only put the best dancers up for elimination, Haley ended up in the bottom and was ultimately sent home. Haley returned to dance in the finale.

On Dance MomsEdit

Haley made a small appearance in the episode Clash of the Dance Moms, being seen backstage at the competition. Haley then was at the Orlando audition for the ALDC competition team inAbby Stikes Back. Haley was a part of the Top 20 along with fellow AUDC competitior JoJo.

AUDC PerformancesEdit

Make It Count!Edit

  • Michael Jackson Street Jazz Trio (with Tyler and Sarina)

Dare to Be YouEdit

Gods and MortalsEdit

  • Birth of a Godess Jazz Duet (with Kalani)

Vegas Show StoppersEdit

  • Show Stoppers Duet (with Gianna)

Anything Can HappenEdit

  • Walking the Plank Trio (with JoJo and Trinity) ((Eliminated))

Meet Abby's Newest Ultimate DancerEdit

  • The Contenders Group Dance

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