n  “It's Good to be Me”
It's good to be me
Song by
Wizards of Oz
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Dance: "Get Into Character Group dance"
October 23, 2012
A+E Networks Music
“It's Good to be Me”

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"It's Good to Be Me" is a song by Wizardz of Oz. It was used for the group dance in Get Into Character.
Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition - Group Dance - Episode 301:06

Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition - Group Dance - Episode 3


Turning it around
And pulling myself apart
Inch by inch, curl by curl
Slowly breaking my heart

Trying to be something
That’s impossible
They’re so buff, they’re so tough
They’re not even real

Gotta be tall
Gotta be thinner
Ordinary girls
Can never be the winner

Wasting time obsessing over
The little things and getting nowhere
Crazy hating on myself
Trying to be someone else
But who says anyone is better anyway

I’m gonna turn my can’ts right into cans
Turn my dreams right into plans
There’s nothing more I’ll ever need
I got it all inside of me

And hey, I looked in the mirror
That’s what I want to be
Not gonna hide, not gonna lie
I’m gonna stand up and
Scream out “I’m free now!”
Won’t say no
It’s good to be me

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