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JoJo Siwa
JoJo DM S6 Headshot
Gender: Female
Born: May 19, 2003[1]
Age: 13 (9 on AUDC)
Home: Omaha, Nebraska
Occupation: Student
Affiliations: Underground Dance Factory[2]
Abby Lee Dance Company (guest)
Just Dance Co.
True Dance & Co. (c. 2013)[3]
CPD Intermix Dance Co (c. 2011)[4]
SYNERGYtech Jazz (c. 2008)[5]
Friends and Family
Parents: Jessalynn Siwa (mother)
Siblings: Jayden Siwa (older brother)[6][7]
Grandparents: Kathy (maternal grandmother)
Friends: Kalani Hilliker
Pets: CoCo (dog)
LuLu (dog)[8][9]
BowBow (dog)[10]
Episode Run
Place: 5th
Debut: Make It Count!
Eliminated: Divas in the House
Last: Meet Abby's Newest Ultimate Dancer

Joelle Joanie[11] "JoJo" Siwa[12] is a 13-year old dancer that featured in Season 2 of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. She placed 5th.


JoJo Siwa was born into a dance family. Her mother, Jessalynn, owns a dance studio and danced her whole life. JoJo's favorite style of dance to watch and perform is hip hop but she also likes to perform jazz, and musical theatre. Her specialties are jazz, contemporary, and lyrical and she has been dancing for seven years. If she doesn't become a professional dancer, she would love to become a dance teacher.

On Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

JoJo was mainly recognized on the show for her bold personality and fierce performances. Richy and Rachelle immediately took a liking for JoJo, whereas Abby thought she was too loud mouthed and "didn't know when to shut up".

JoJo was often the first person to be eliminated during group challenges due to her lack of technique compared to the older dancers. However, she was chosen as one of the top dancers in Fairytales Come to Life due to impressing all three judges with her solo.

Throughout her time in the competition, JoJo landed in the bottom three a total of three times before finally being eliminated in Divas in the House after she failed to outshine Trinity in their hip hop duet.

AUDC Performances


Episode Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style Safe/Eliminated
Fairytales Come to Life Rapunzel
My Hair Like This
Jazz Safe


Episode Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style Dancer(s) Safe/Eliminated
Make It Count! Gene Kelly
It's Easy
Unknown Travis Safe
Vegas Show Stoppers Magic Act Jazz Ally Safe
Wild West Showdown American Spirit
Star Spangled Banner
Jazz Trinity Safe
Your Worst Nightmare Vampire Attack
All You Leave Behind
Contemporary Kalani Safe
Divas in the House Down N' Dirty Divas
Shout Out
Hip-Hop Trinity ELIMINATED


Episode Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style Dancer(s) Safe/Eliminated
Dare to Be You Fashion Addicts
More, More, More
Hip-Hop Travis
Gods and Mortals Hades and the Lost Souls
Modern Funk Chloe
[[[Anything Can Happen]] Walk the Plank
I Wanna Go
Modern Funk Haley
Broadway Backstabbers Extra! Extra!
(inspired by Newsies)
My Radar
Hip-Hop Trinity


Episode Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style Dancer(s) Safe/Eliminated
Wild West Showdown Country Hoedown
They're Playing Our Song
Unknown Safe
Your Worst Nightmare Haunted Marionette
The Witching Hour
Ballet Safe
Divas in the House Divalicious
On Lock
Jazz Safe
Meet Abby's Newest Ultimate Dancer The Contenders
Dare You To Love
Hip-Hop N/A

AUDC Episodes Results Table

Episode  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12 
Safe Safe Safe Bottom Safe Bottom Top Bottom Safe Eliminated



On Dance Moms

JoJo's page on the Dance Moms Wiki can be found here.

Filmography, discography and major awards



  • JoJo's natural hair color is brown, however she has been dying it blonde for years.
  • She was the youngest competitor in her respective season.
  • She has expressed that she would like to perform a duet with Season 1 competitor Asia Monet Ray.

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  • Google Images for JoJo Siwa (or with last name replaced by "abby's ultimate dance competition")
  • Search YouTube for JoJo Siwa (or with last name replaced by "abby's ultimate dance competition")
  • Search Tumblr for JoJo Siwa



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