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   nMcKaylee True
McKaylee (left) with her mother (right)
Background Information
Gender Female
Age 13
Occupation Dancer
Studio Tru Dance Comany
Affiliations True Dance Company
Hometown Lincoln, Nebraska
Competition Information
Season   2
Place   1st
Favored Genres
Disfavored Genres
First Appearance
  Make It Count!
Last Appearance
  Meet Abby's Newest Ultimate Dancer
Episode Eliminated

McKaylee Song/Dance Guide
Friends and Family
Shari (mother)

McKaylee True is a thirteen-year-old dancer on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, Season 2. She was officially announced as the Season 2 winner.


McKaylee was enrolled into dance by her mother, who believes dance gives children an outlet to express themselves, learn discipline, confidence, poise, posture, time management, exercise, and technique. McKaylee loves to watch all styles of dance and her favorites to perform are contemporary or lyrical. Her specialties are ballet and contemporary and she has been dancing for twelve years. If McKaylee doesn't become a professional dancer, then she would like to be a marine biologist. Her mother Shari owns True Dance Company.

On Abby's Ultimate Dance CompetitionEdit

McKaylee became a second season dancer on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. She was placed in the Madonna trio first and Abby noticed that her releve dropped during one of her turns. Her trio performance was strong enough to send her to the second week. McKaylee was placed into the Bleeding Heart trio for the second week. While she was considered the best in her trio, she ended up in the bottom three with her trio. McKaylee was spared because of her technique and then assigned by Ally to be in a trio with her and Tyler. McKaylee makes it onto the next week. McKaylee came close again to winning the group challenge but lost to Trinity. McKaylee was paired with her for the duet and was safe. McKaylee was paired with Ally for a duet and was chosen by Tina to be in the bottom three but she ended up safe. McKaylee won the group challenge, winning a solo. She impressed the judges with her emotion that was lacking in the previous week and moved on as Rachelle's favorite performance for the week. McKaylee was teamed with Gianna for Fairytales week. While she and Gianna were off in the duet, McKaylee was still safe. The next week she was paired with Travis for a duet, and was told by Abby that she had won that cowboy showdown. She was safe that week and moved on.The next week she won the technique group challenge and got to choose the duet. She chose JoJo and Kalani, and she was later given an aerial solo. Her mother worries about the challenge, but McKaylee was proclaimed one of the top dancers and moves on to next week. In Diva week she comes close to winning the group challenge but ultimately lost to Kalani. She chooses a Cleopatra themed contemporary dance, and is once again proclaimed one of the Top Dancers and moves on to next week. In Down The Rabbit Hole she is chosen to do a Cheshire Cat Solo by Gianna, and is given some harsh critiques by Abby she is once again told about her lip syncing by Richy, however no one is eliminated so she moves on to next week. McKaylee makes it to the finals and eventually wins the entire competition.

On Dance MomsEdit

McKaylee made a tiny appearance on Dance Moms. She attended the Atlanta auditions and made it into the finalists and then later re-appeared to join ALDC for NUVO. She was only briefly seen (since the Dance Moms crew cannot film at NUVO).

AUDC PerformancesEdit

Make It Count!Edit

Dare to Be YouEdit

Gods and MortalsEdit

  • Sirens Contemporary Trio (with Ally and Tyler)

Vegas Show StoppersEdit

Anything Can HappenEdit

  • Tangled Web Duet (with Ally)

Broadway BackstabbersEdit

  • I Danced a Dream Les Miserables inspired Lyrical Solo

Fairytales Come to LifeEdit

  • Pinocchio Duet (with Gianna)

Wild West ShowdownEdit

  • Country Hoedown Group Dance
  • Wild West Showdown Duet (with Travis)

Your Worst NightmareEdit

  • Haunted Marionettes Group Dance
  • Bird of Prey Solo-Top Dancer

Divas in the HouseEdit

  • Divalicious Group Dance
  • Queen Of The Nile Contemporary Solo-Top Dancer

Down the Rabbit HoleEdit

  • Down the Rabbit Hole Group Dance
  • Cheshire Cat Modern Jazz Solo

Meet Abby's Newest Ultimate DancerEdit

  • I Danced a Dream Encore Solo
  • The Contenders group dance
  • So Perfect Finale Solo ((Winner))


  • McKaylee is the second winner who is female and 13 at the time of her win.
  • McKaylee not only attended the ALDC auditions, but danced for ALDC at Nuvo.
  • McKaylee and Gianna were very close on the show, even refering to each other as "AUDC Twiniees" 

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