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Meet Abby's Newest Ultimate Dancer

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Meet Abby's Newest Ultimate Dancer
Episode Number 12 (22 Overall)
Air Date November 19, 2013
Theme None
Skill None
Fourth Place Kalani Hilliker (Eliminated During the Group Challenge)
Third Place Trinity Inay (Eliminated on the final stage show)
Runner-Up Gianna Newborg
Winner McKaylee True
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Preceded by
Down the Rabbit Hole
Followed by
TBA Season 3 Premire
Meet Abby's Newest Ultimate Dancer is the episode Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition Season 2. It aired on November 16th and its the Season 2 finale


It's finally time to choose this year's Ultimate Dancer. The finalists are so close they can taste it and they'll do anything to win the $100,000 and a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet School in New York. Everything is on the line and every move they make counts. May the best dancer win!


For the group challenge, Abby and the judges revealed there would be no winner but instead one person to be eliminated form the competition. Each girl was asked their two favorite routines and from those they needed to pick one to perform as a solo.

Group Challenge AssignmentsEdit

Stage Show AssignmentsEdit

Special PerformancesEdit


  • 1.34 million people watched this episode
  • During the group challenge, dancers were instructed to pick a dance from the series to re-perform, and told the loser would be eliminated. The 4 finalists chose between 2 soloes they liked the best during thier time on the show. The girls chose the above but they could have chosen the other.
    • Gianna could have chosen a solo version of her Twisted duet in Anything Can Happen
    • McKaylee could have chosen a solo version of her Madonna trio in Make it Count!
    • Kalani could have chosen a solo version of her Twisted duet in Anything Can Happen
    • Trinity could have chosen a solo version of her Medusa's Tragic Romance duet in Gods and Mortals
  • Asia Monet Ray is at the finale along with Maddie Ziegler and Jordyn Jones.
  • Singer Alexx Calise performed live on the final show.
  • Davis Robertson was the a special 4th judge. He will represent the Joffrey Ballet school and he is the same Joffrey Ballet School judge from the Dance Moms episode "Abbygeddon".
  • It's unknown if Sarina or Chloe attended the finale.
  • Kalani was the first contestant ever eliminated in a group challenge.
  • This episode is broadcast in a two-hour format.
  • Brianna (Season 1 winner of Abbys Ultimate Dance Competition) was also at the finale.
  • Coincidentaly, the order that the solos were performed for the group challenged happened to be the order of placing for the real show. (McKaylee went first and won first for the entire show. Gianna went second and received 2nd etc...)


  • There is a shot during Rachelle's performance that shows Haley and Ally in the audience which means it was probably taken from another shot as Haley and Ally should have been backstage for the group dance

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