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Season 3
General Information
Country of origin: United States
Number of episodes: 11
Broadcast Information
Original channel: LifeTime
Premiere: September 12, 2017
Finale: January 9, 2016
Season Chronology
Previous: Season 2
Next: TBA

The third season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition will premiere September 12, 2017 on Lifetime.

The third season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition brings together 11 young dancers who are all national title holders- competing for a $100,000 cash prize and a scholarship to New York's Joffrey Ballet School. Each of the dancers are coached by their mother, which brings new meaning to the term "stage mom" as the kids learn new routines and compete in challenges that test their skills. They then take the stage to perform before a live audience and the judging panel which consists of Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller, choreographer Richard Jackson and Rachelle Rak, a veteran Broadway performer. A new twist this season is a call-back card the judges can use to save one dancer from the elimination process, which happens each week until the "Ultimate Dance" winner is determined.[1]


  1. Natalie (Age 10)
  2. Chloe L. (Age 16)
  3. Alana (Age 12)
  4. Denise (Age 15)
  5. Roberta (Age 15)
  6. Kayla (Age 11)
  7. Stella (Age 11)
  8. Sydney (Age 13)
  9. Mindy (Age 14)

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