Shari True
Gender: Female
Home: Lincoln, Nebraska
Occupation: Studio Owner
Artistic Director
Affiliations: True Dance & Company (owner)
Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company
Friends and Family
Children: McKaylee True (daughter)
Mikey True (son)
Mckenzie True (son)
Feuds: Melanie Huelsman
Pets: Winnie B (dog)[1]
Episode Run
Debut: Make It Count!
Eliminated: N/A
Last: Meet Abby's Newest Ultimate Dancer

Shari True is the mother of McKaylee True.

On Abby's Ultimate Competiton

Although Shari often stayed out of most of the drama on the show, she often got into fights with Melanie.

Other Information

  • Like Jessalynn, Kira and Angela, she owns her own studio.
  • Her favorite styles of dance to watch are lyrical and contemporary.

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