Unleash The Monsters
Episode Number 2 (2 Overall)
Air Date October 16, 2012
Theme Monsters of the Night
Skill Physical Strength
Top Dancer(s) Zack
Bottom Dancer(s) Jordyn
Kyleigh Jai
Eliminated Kyleigh Jai Colchico-Greeley
Episode Guide
Preceded by
Let the Dancing Begin
Followed by
Get Into Character

Unleash The Monsters is the second episode of the first season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. It aired on October 16, 2012.


There are 11 dancers left and the theme for this week’s competition is "Monsters of the Night." The theme proves to be very fitting as one mom bares her claws and strikes at another, who is using her divorce as a way to get attention. After witnessing that mom make one of the girls break into tears, two of the other mothers join forces and conjure up a demon, unleashing on the other mom claiming she is being fake. Also one of the girls wins the group dance challenge and gets a solo, but there must be a full moon because she brings out the beast in her mother who refuses to listen to her daughter’s suggestions.


Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style
All Dancers Group Dance
Like a Monster
Like Hey
Hip Hop
Amanda C
Kyleigh Jai
Vampire Mystique
Femme Fatale
Jazz Funk
Jordyn Nightmares
Personal Hell
Zack Ghost
Prom Night Car Crash
Musical Theatre
Va Va Voom

Other Information

  • This is the first week to feature solos.
  • Jordyn won the group challenge this week, with her award being a solo. Jordyn was allowed to pick another dancer to receive a solo. She chose Zack so she could outshine the other girls.
  • Ironically, Jordyn's solo got her in the botttom two whereas Zack's got him the top spot this week.


  • The Vampires Trio and Werewolf Trio were both listed as Trio 2

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