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  • Mikitty092393

    Music Guide: DONE!!!1

    October 26, 2013 by Mikitty092393

    It took FOREVER but I finished the AUDC Music Guide!!1 Obviously it's incomplete but it's hard to find songs since the actually guids on the site are usless. If 

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  • Mikitty092393

    Well I don't know if any of you noticed the wiki this morning but it was filled with profanities, inappropriate content,  and vandalism done by 2 anonymous users. I woke up and discovered it all. I fixed it and cleaned it up as soon as humanly possibly. It seems the 2 did this last night and maybe they thought it would stick. One user made 2 pages refering to inappropriate parts of the human body while the other messed with the names of the dancers and judges. I fixed them all and the two users are BLOCKED for 1 year from this wiki. 

    This should be a note to everyone that ANY FORM OF INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT WILL RESULT IN GETTING BANNED! Just becuase you are a wikia contributer and not a user, doesn't mean we can't track your edits. I keep a …

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  • Mikitty092393

    Comment Shutdown

    October 3, 2013 by Mikitty092393

    Hello everyone! Due to all the nasty comments on the wiki, I'v officially shut down commenting. While some of you may be opposed to this, this decision is final. Comments towards the dancer's potryals on television have been nasty. Comments are now offically disabled.

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  • Mikitty092393


    February 10, 2013 by Mikitty092393

    Ok so Hi! I'm Mikitty! I'v contributed to dance related wikis. Im the founder of the Breaking Pointe wiki (still under construction), an admin on the Bunheads wiki, and a contributor on the dance moms wiki. I saw the wiki and i noticed alot of the pages wern't very organized and i decided to clean them up and add more information. So now im creating each dancer page and then i'll move on to creating a page for each episode. I recently sent in an adoption request to adopt this wiki, which means if its accepted ill be able to to much more with thie wiki like fix the logo, navigator, and the background.

    So thats me! any questions please leave on my talk page!

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