Well I don't know if any of you noticed the wiki this morning but it was filled with profanities, inappropriate content,  and vandalism done by 2 anonymous users. I woke up and discovered it all. I fixed it and cleaned it up as soon as humanly possibly. It seems the 2 did this last night and maybe they thought it would stick. One user made 2 pages refering to inappropriate parts of the human body while the other messed with the names of the dancers and judges. I fixed them all and the two users are BLOCKED for 1 year from this wiki. 

This should be a note to everyone that ANY FORM OF INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT WILL RESULT IN GETTING BANNED! Just becuase you are a wikia contributer and not a user, doesn't mean we can't track your edits. I keep a CLOSE eye on every page and visit history quite alot. Don't think you'll get away with it becuase you won't. 

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